Suntec Wellness GmbH

Leading climates!


Since the mid-90s, the team at SUNTEC WELLNESS studied the topic of mobile air conditioning. Over the years we have consistently expanded our product range in a senseful manner to also meet demands in areas of air treatment such as heating, ventilating, dehumidifying, humidifying and air cleaning. Our motto is "plug-and-play solutions - an innovative technology leadership - low rate of complaints - good value for money." A benchmark for everything we do.

From the original national provider, our family business has gradually grown to a considerable European market participant. As a specialist we managed to deliver along old well-known brands and often found a way to replace their antiquated approach of marketing and development within this very special product range. Thanks to all our customers we currently deliver to 20 countries in Europe.

Thanks to innovation and excellent value for money SUNTEC WELLNESS is one of Europe's leading supplier of mobile air conditioning today.