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Our offer in the fields of air conditioning, ventilation, air treatment and heating

Air conditioning, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, cleaning and heating - SUNTEC WELLNESS offers high quality electrical devices attractive for various applications of air treatment at an attractive price-performance ratio. Our products are ready to be  plugged in order for the consumer to put them into easy operation with a glimpse of an eye. 

Both the consumer and our European retail customers appreciate the low rate of complaints of SUNTEC WELLNESS products. We achieve this through the use of high quality components, especially in the "heart" pieces of our products. In our mobile air conditioners, for example, only quality brand compressors are installed because ultimately they play a major part for long life, stability and efficiency of any air conditioner. 

Our intention is improve the standard on a day-to-day basis by some very specific requirements for our production and quality control to ensure a durable thriving of our products and our company. In the event that one of our products does not meet the cosumers needs and gives reason for a complaint we are known for a consumer-oriented and quick handling of the after sales service - and this treasure end-users as well as commercial customers.

Find out more about our various product ranges and individual products within the following categories. Detailed information of each product as well as technical data can be found in our download area.