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Our product range Air Treatment is combining all areas dehumidifying, humidifying and air cleaning.

SUNTEC WELLNESS offers the mobile dehumidifier DryFix in dehumidificatio performance classes between 10 and 20 l per day. The models are characterized by simple operation and low consumption. All units have an integrated water tank and are therefore suitable for location-independent operation. In the course of continuous operation the units  may be used with an inserted drainage tube.

Our mobile MONSUN humidifiers are offered in various trim levels. The devices run smoothly and reliable and ensure that the relative humidity stays in a pleasant and healthy range of 30 to 60% throughout the heating season. This goes along for a stronger immune system for the user.

The air cleaning devices AirCare help to improve air quality. They continouisly work against different kinds of air pollutio, i. e. odors and smoke, but also for germs, bacteria and spores. With the use of AirCare devices, people with allergy problems such as hay fever, benefit form a significant reduction of grass and other pollen.

Further information as well as technical data is available in our download area.