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For efficient and cost effective air conditioning, we offer three categories of air conditioners, divided into performance classes with a cooling or heating capacity from 2.0 to 5.2 kW, depending on the model suitable for room sizes up to 260 m3.

Mobile air conditioners are ideal for on the spot cooling during various times and in various places of a day, i. e. living or commercial rooms during the day and in the following bedrooms for better sleep. In this segment, we offer affordable versions with high power efficiency. Our product range includes mobile inverter systems with up to 5.2 kW cooling/heating for high demands or special needs.

The advantages of mobile air conditioners and wall split air conditioners are combined in our innovative TRANSFORM series. These units cool and heat with the efficiency of a heat pump and can therefore be used in various areas throughout the whole year. Thus, a TRANSFORM device, for example, can also be operated outdoors, as it directs the cooled air from outside into the room to be cooled - an interesting alternative, for example, for weekend cottages and camping, or as a temporary heating.

Wall Split air conditioners are offered in two versions: pre-filled units with quick connectors and coolant tubes for an easy and inexpensive installation and lower priced units without quick connectors, which must be installed by a certified air conditioning  technician who fills the system with the necessary coolant. SUNTEC WELLNESS wall split air conditioners can be used for cooling and for heating and also work at a cost of heat pump.

All SUNTEC WELLNESS air conditioners may also be used as high-grade dehumidifiers. Depending on the model the units are capable of extracting up to 70l a day out of the ambient air. With this seperate dehumidification function the devices may solely be used as high performance dehumidifiers.

A medium-power device needs thanks to its high energy class "A" an average of around 19 cents per hour in either the cooling or the heating mode. It can therefore be operated much cheaper than, say, a car air conditioning, which average power consumption is about 1 liter of gasoline per hour at a cost of about € 1.45.

Further information as well as technical data is available in our download area.