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Leading climates!

In the section of preparation SUNTEC WELLNESS offers individual devices and sets that are used for the preparation, cooking and serving of food. SUNTEC WELLNESS hand blender - as a single unit or set - is a perennial favourite (evergreen) and is made of high quality stainless steel. Our blender has a capacity of 3.5L and is thus capable of processing large quantities - either with whisk or stirring hook.

The power juicer JUI - 9738 is an outstanding kind. You do not need to pre- chop fruits - The power juicer has an extra-large insertion and is able to squeeze up to 3 apples at once. Just recently we added an oil-free fryer, which passed our selection progress and made it in to our product program because of its large capacity ( 2.2L ) and easy way of cleaning: dishwasher suitable inserts.

Ice cream for many people is a tasty desert, or it replaces the cake in the afternoon. SUNTEC WELLNESS offers an ice machine that is unparalleled. Thanks to an integrated, highly efficient compressor, your ice cream is ready in 30 to 50 minutes - and it is a cooking event for the whole family. For further information as well as technical data, please check our download area.